Compton OG X Romulan (12 Regular Seeds)


🌿 Compton OG X Romulan (12 Regular Seeds) 🌱



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🌿 Compton OG X Romulan (12 Regular Seeds) 🌱

🧬 Genetics: A fusion of Compton OG (Sunshine OG X Wilson) from Masonic Seeds Co and our original Romulan male from Romulan Genetics.

🎨 Flavors: Expect a blend of extremely funky papaya notes from the Wilson side of Compton OG, complemented by earthy 🌍 and sweet 🍋 lemon hints from Sunshine OG. The Romulan male adds its classic potpourri essence, with undertones of 🌲 pine and zesty 🍈 lime.

🌱 Versatile Expressions: Anticipate stable seedlings with robust structures, as both parent strains exhibit tall bushy growth with spear-shaped flowers.

🌼 Flowering Time: Maturation typically occurs between 56 to 70 days.

🎁 Free Bonus: Receive a complimentary pack of Romulan F2s with your purchase, while supplies last! 🎉


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