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Gdp x Urkle x Blueberry Chem91 (10 Pack Regular Seeds)


Indica dominant

Very short low profile plant

Medium yield

very large dense big colas

Early finisher outdoor

sept 21-oct1 harvest

Smells of earthy glue,shortcake,slight durban hints

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Granddaddy Purple x Gorilla Glue x Urkle (equilibrium genetics)(f) x blueberry chem91(Dj short Blueberry x Trainwreck x Chem91)(m) 


🌳 Granddaddy Purple x Gorilla Glue x Urkle x DJ Short Blueberry x Trainwreck x Chem91 🌳

🎉 10 Premium Seeds for Your Personal Paradise 🎉

💜 Granddaddy Purple: Known for its relaxing and soothing effects.

🦍 Gorilla Glue: Legendary for its heavy-hitting potency.

🍇 DJ Short Blueberry: A fruity delight with a touch of euphoria.

🚂 Trainwreck: A spicy and energizing strain.

🔬 Chem91: Famous for its cerebral and creative buzz.

🍁 Urkle: A classic indica cherished for its tranquilizing properties.




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Rare Breed Humboldt is owned and operated by Brad Hooper a 4th generation humboldt native,3rd generation cannabis cultivator/breeder who’s passion and wisdom for the culture we have in the emerald triangle is rarely seen. Born and raised in humboldt county his dedication to the plant has been seen throughout our community thru not only the genetics he provided via his seeds/clone library but his community contributions and volunteer work done here locally. Brad has worked and collaborated with many well known local farms and legacy cultivators/breeders such as Emerald triangle Organics,emerald queen farms,Barrett farms,cha genetics,mr hill top buds,humboldt forest farms,equilibrium genetics,grow broz just to name a few. His genetics are a generational heirloom collection from his lifetime living within the interior of the emerald triangle and a mix of superior high grade genetics collected and used from todays genetic pool as well. His primary seed line he is currently working with is of great sentimental value to him with the blueberry chem91 being the base to his foundation. Blueberry chem91 (dj short blueberry x train wreck x chem91) bred in 2006-2007 by David cooper (rip) was inherently passed down thru the family to brad and he selected a male to start making/workin a genetics line with a purpose of keeping our humboldt/emerald triangle legacy genetics lines alive thru his breeding projects. Throughout the years rare breed has seen,collected and grown some of the worlds most elite/rare/exotic strains available through both private/personal libraries to well known breeders/nurseries and does his best to incorporate both legacy and elite/exotic together to make something that can be grown for both the connoisseur novelty grower and the production grower at home or commercially.

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