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Our Mission:

Tribe Seed Bank was founded with the intention of creating a platform that brings together some of the most seasoned breeders, offering sought-after strains in our perspective. Our goal was to provide customers with an opportunity to engage directly with these breeders and cultivate a meaningful experience. Each breeder showcased on TribeSeedBank is not only eager to assist with inquiries but also committed to providing customer support throughout your growing journey.


Our passion goes beyond preserving traditional varieties; we also actively promote innovation in the realm of plant genetics. Through collaborations with skilled breeders and cultivators, we actively contribute to the advancement of novel and enhanced plant strains. This commitment to sustainable and ethical practices resonates in every seed we offer, aligning with the principles of conserving biodiversity.


Tribe Seed Bank strives to transcend the role of a mere seed supplier. Our aspiration is to stand as a dependable resource and a wellspring of inspiration for gardeners, farmers, and enthusiasts alike. 


Our affiliated platform serves as an educational hub, brimming with invaluable insights, gardening advice, and resources tailored to elevate your cultivation journey. At the core of our community lies a shared affection for nature, prompting us to encourage you to connect with fellow seed aficionados, exchange wisdom, and rejoice in the magnificence of our collective botanical legacy.


Embark on this journey with us, united by the mission to safeguard, explore, and exalt the marvels of plant diversity. Allow Tribe Seed Bank to be your gateway to a realm of botanical wonders, where seeds transcend their mere physicality, serving as keys that unlock the boundless treasures of nature.

- The Tribe Seed Bank Team

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