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🌿 Marrs is a dedicated craft seed maker, and cannabis cultivator residing in beautiful Humboldt County.

Originating from the prohibition era of Texas, and particularly the counterculture haven of Austin, Marrs was raised in cannabis and music culture. His story led him westward, where he immersed himself in the rich cannabis culture of northern California, honing his skills amidst the rugged landscapes of southern Humboldt, notably Alderpoint; AKA Murder Mountain.

Marrs’ aim lies in balancing the preservation of cherished old-school flavors, while utilizing and exploring new-school hype flavors, hoping to create something unique. His projects are guided by intention. Whether for hash production or AAA flower smoke, his continued work reflects a deep commitment to the plant and the cannabis community.


Feel free to drop me a line at IG @seedsfrommarrs or with any questions or inquiries—I’m here to help and eager to hear from you! 📞

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